How to Arrange Sectional Sofa in Living Room – Ultimate Guide for 2020

how to arrange sectional sofa in a living room

How to Arrange Sectional Sofa in Living Room – Sectional Sofa Layout Ideas

Hi, you got your new sectional?. Are you confused about how to arrange sectional sofa in living room?. Don’t know different ways to arrange sectional sofa?.

If yes!

Then there is no need to worry about it; we are here with the solution. This article will guide you about how to arrange sectional sofa in living room and discuss various types of living room styles.

A sectional sofa is generally made up of two or three pieces. it’s typically the primary concern of the living room. The living room is considered as a social hub; it’s a challenging task to place sectional in a living room in a great way.

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Things to Consider Before Arranging Sectional

Before moving to how to arrange sectional sofa in living room, here are some tips that you need to consider:

  • Comfort and convenience

The living room is often used for a family sitting and having a cup of tea together. Make it a relaxing and pleasant place for family and guests. The arrangement should be comfortable and convenient at the same time.

Don’t follow the rules and regulations for placing sectional or do not merely put your sectional against the longest wall. This doesn’t look pleasant at all. Place sectional in the center of your room with a table, leave enough space for other furniture and movement into and out of the sitting area.

  • Create a balance with other furniture

Try to create a balance of sectional sofa with other furniture in the room. Pick colors and print for your living area wisely. To give your living area a modern and traditional look, arrange your plain sofa with large print carpet to make a balance.

All seats must be easily accessible. Try to place a table at each edge of your sectional as it makes the room visually appealing.

  • Consider a focal point

Whenever you arrange your sectional always consider your focal point, the focal point might be television or window depending upon the construction of your living place.

Some interior designers recommend placing your sectional sofa 12 feet far from your focal point. This allows the viewer to see comfortably. However, it depends on your living style. After all, it is your place you can arrange accordingly.

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Types of Living Room Styles

Before moving towards different ways to arrange sectional sofa, let’s discuss types of living room styles this will surely help you to understand you living area style and how to arrange sectional sofa in living room accordingly. There are almost 100000 living room designs available all over the world we have examined all of them and come up with the five most popular and trendy designs.

1- Modern Living Room Style

Modern living room style is referred to as dull and plain, but it gives a more calming and attractive look to the room. The modern living room appearance is built on a concept from the back 19th century. In modern style, black or dark colors can be contrasted with white and other bright colors. Some accent colors can also be used to create a dramatic effect. Decent abstract can be used to make the living area more appealing. They are well known for the simple yet profound look.

Things to Consider

  • Try to use more neutral colors as it gives a trendy and modernized look.
  • Clean Line Design creates a more eloquent look.
  • Don’t use over textured cushions or carpet. Be on the Minimal texture side.
  • Iconic Furnishing should be there. Put some vase or decoration pieces to gives the room a fresh look.
  • Include some Graphic and geometric pattern sceneries or paintings
  • Create asymmetrical balance by placing different uneven paintings.

2- Traditional Living Room Style

The traditional living room is finely crafted with wood and creates a more sophisticated look. This style was designed in the 18th and 19th centuries and still in trend. Traditional living style is known for its woodwork and artwork. Use one or two dramatic colors to make the room look stylish.Styling a traditional room is a bit difficult task, so if you are also wondering how to arrange sectional sofa in living room, read this article till the end to see some unique ideas.

Things to Consider

  • Furniture and sectional sofa edges are soft and curved in traditional style.
  • Use Paired furniture pieces and accents. Don’t just put one large sectional. Try to combine sectional with accent chairs.
  • Consistency and attention to detail. Put decoration items with detailed art to grab the guest’s attention.
  • Use warm color palettes
  • Dignified trim and molding

3- Contemporary Living Room Style

Most people get confused between modern and contemporary designs. Both are different styles but have some similarities. Nowadays, contemporary is one of the most widely used living room styles. Due to its flexibility, any changes can be made easily in this style. You can call it an ever-changing style and adaptable. As the name implies its temporary style and advancements are made every year in this style. Contemporary is the combination of Traditional, modern and rustic.

Things to Consider

  • Embraces clean lines and shapes.
  • Contemporary living rooms have plenty of open space.
  • Clutter is omitted
  • A sectional sofa should have softened corners
  • Always use neutral colors and use clean, smooth and subtle wall art.

4- Mid-century Living Room Style

The mid-century is well known for its geometric and graphic wall art and is clean and clutter-free. The walls are full of art in mid-century, so always try to place plain furniture.

Things to Consider

  • Use neutral color furniture,
  • Please don’t make it too congested by putting a lot of furniture and decoration pieces.
  • Cozy and welcoming textiles of seating.

5- Cabin Living Room Style

These living room styles are also known as mountain house and are made with wood and stones. Cabin styles have nothing similar to modern or contemporary styles. Furnishing in cabin styles has more resembled nature; this separates it from other styles. Cabin living rooms have a brick stone firewall.

Things to Consider

  • It consists of a nature-inspired aspect.
  • Always have printed curtains.
  • As it is similar to nature style, so always try to use natural colors to keep the natural touch.

15 Different Ways to Arrange Sectional Sofa

You may have heard many times “The first impression is the last one.” That’s true. As the living room is the welcoming and entrance point for the guests, make it visually pleasing by setting it magnificently, it will create your impression in the guest’s perception. It’s crucial to style your living room elegantly because your home is the reflection of you. Here I am going to explain the best ways to arrange sectional sofa for your living area.

1- Small Living Room Layout with TV

Blue large sectional paired up with white textured cushion is giving a cozy and warm look. If the sectional is large in size don’t put any other furniture like accents, it will not formulate modernize look for your living area. The sectional is placed 12 inches far from television to give a comfortable view. This is a perfect modern look not too dramatic, not too dull and boring.

How to arrange sectional sofa in living room

2- How to arrange two Sofas in Living Room

You have a modern style home, yet confused about how to arrange sectional sofa in living room? Open plan floors are amazing because your home feels connected and placing a bench in living can distinguish your living area from your rooms. Two plain sectionals perpendicular to each other with two black armchairs and glass table are creating a more delicate look.

Modern Living Room  - how to arrange sectional sofa in living room

3- Small Sectional with dining set

This one is a classic black and white theme. A textured wall at side and window with beautiful white net curtains are giving life to this modern-looking living area. The simple hanging lamp is creating a little dramatic effect in this simple look. A single black sectional with these fine-textured dining pair divided the space and can seat lots of people.

How to arrange sectional sofa in living room

4- Sectional with Pair of Cube

The stonework at the wall and wooden table at the center are bringing life to this decently decorated living room. This chic style comes under traditional and modern living styles. A pair of cube is a great solution when you don’t desire to cover much space with furniture. They are creating a great appearance with this open living room. Television can also be placed against the stone wall to make the living perfect.

Traditional Living Room  - how to arrange sectional sofa in living room

5- Two Small Sectional 

This design is compatible with open large living rooms. If you have sufficient space for your living area, you can manage it in this way. The interior is very decently decorated there is no need to put dramatic abstract paintings. The color scheme of yellow, blue and skin looking legendary

How to arrange sectional sofa in living room

6– U Shape Sectional Sofa

Mostly Traditional living rooms are in rectangle shape but this one is open space Wooden bookshelf at the corner completes the living room look. this sofa arrangement will also give much space to move around easily and for family socializing. The beautiful dramatic paintings at the back and hanging lamp are creating the traditional and trendy look. Put the small lamp on the side table to complete this look.

How to arrange sectional sofa in living room

7- One Plain Large Sectional 

The broad sized glass window is giving fresh air and natural lighting. The small sparkling table with round print carpet is creating a classy look in this decent plain room. The wider window and wooden stairs are the leading beauty of this look.

Contemporary  - how to arrange sectional sofa in living room

8- Two small Sectionals with Two Mismatched Chairs

Pairing two small sectionals with two mismatched accent chairs is the most common choice and can work in almost all living rooms. I agree symmetry is best but in some cases mismatch things look more classic. Setting a sectional in this way leaves plenty of space and room look wider and people can easily navigate in and out. Television is placed too high that’s the only cons of this style.

How to arrange sectional sofa in living room

9- Plain Sectional and Wooden Floor

The wood floor is giving a touch up of traditional look in this contemporary style living room. The simple and plain sectional with lining cushion, glass table, white carpet and lamp on top are creating a sleek and more delicate look in this contemporary style.

How to arrange sectional sofa in living room

10- Small Sectional Sofa

This one is mid-century living room don’t mix it with contemporary or modern. Abstract wall art is adding beauty to this living room. Sectional along the wall, a rich woolen rug paired with a small table is building a clean and subtle look. 

Mid Century  - how to arrange sectional sofa in living room

11- Two Sectionals with Offwhite Theme

If your home interior is in off white and your living has a considerably larger space and you don’t have a television or a firewall. How to arrange sectional sofa in living room is becoming a pain. You can arrange two sectionals with a rectangle glass table. It will create a delicate look and you will have enough space for moving here and there. It doesn’t look dull and boring at all but still, if you don’t want only one color theme, you can pair it will black. Place a little black lamp or large vase for a fancy look. Because of the wall storage cabinets, space is looking wider and clutter-free.

How to arrange sectional sofa in living room

 12- Combined Living and Dining Room

Some homes have a combined living and dining room; that’s why the living space gets smaller. In this case, you can consider your focal point and place a sectional and a small table in front of it. For the dining part, white dining chairs are giving a very cozy effect. That beautiful hanging ceiling interior is offering a pretty cool effect. 

How to arrange sectional sofa in living room

13- Sofa with Two Chairs

Consider your focal point while arranging a room. Typically the focal point is a firewall or television but in this design, both are not present so the focal point can be outside view from the window. Place the one chair towards the window and the sofa towards the main entrance. The wall cabinets filled with detailed decoration are admirable.

How to arrange sectional sofa in living room

14- Wood Large Sectional

Have a large cabin living room and wondering how to arrange sectional sofa in living room? This is a perfect setting for your cabin-style space. The beautiful roof, old fashioned furniture, and printed carpet are making this cabin engaging. Plants in the entire room are presenting nature kissed the theme beautifully.

Cabin Style Living Room  - how to arrange sectional sofa in living room

15- Leather Sectional

The beautiful wooden interior is grabbing the attention. The firewall with stone and woodwork is making it authentic and rugged. The decorative lamps all over the room and leather sectional are bringing a life of this style.

Cabin living room - how to arrange sectional sofa in living room

Conclusion – Final Remarks

Although all the living room styles and sectional sofas arrangements that I explained above are best. In my opinion, contemporary style living areas are best as they are flexible enough to change. If I talk about ways to arrange sectional sofa, I’ll go for plain sectional with colored or little textured cushions as they create an exquisite effect. Moreover, about the arrangement, my opinion is to place the sectional in front of your television or firewall as it’s a living area, not a drawing-room area.

There are a lot of options available out there to arrange your living but I hope that this has given you some concept to organize your space.

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