How to Clean Leather Sofa at Home 2020 – Complete Guide

how to clean leather sofa at home

How to Clean Leather Sofa at Home 2020

Sofa is one of the main elements that make your home look more beautiful and attractive. There are different types of sofas, each type plays a different role. When it comes to the turn of a leather sofa, it is something complicated. We haven’t use the word complicated for the purchasing of this furniture, but for the maintenance of it. If you think that keeping your leather sofa maintain is a difficult task, then you are going to get some wondrous tips on how to clean leather sofa at home today in this article.

Bringing a leather sofa at your home is not a big deal, but keeping it maintained just like a new one can be a challenging task

Every day we receive thousands of emails in which people usually ask about the techniques that would make their couch look just like a fresh one. Today we have brought something special for you that will definitely help you out through these problems. No need to hire any sofa expert for the cleaning purpose, you can do the same thing at your home with or without using any special equipment.

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Changing your furniture every six months or throughout the year is not a solution to the problems. You need to care the leather couch by yourself. It is not a big task, and you also don’t even need to perform the techniques every day for the maintenance, twice or thrice a week is enough.

Then what are you waiting for? Some of the significant methods are waiting for you. Just go through them and make your leather sofa looks like a new one.

Best ways to clean leather sofa at home

  1. Cleaning the Strains from the Sofa

how to clean strains from leather sofa - how to clean leather sofa at home

Usually, our sofa becomes untidy just because of some mistakes, just like dropping ketchup or ink type material on it. Mostly, these stains remain long-lasting, but we have a solution to fight with them. If you are also having dirty patches on your leather couch, then you can easily remove them now onwards.

  • Removing ink or ketchup strains

 Treating with ink or ketchup strains is quite easy. All you need is rubbing alcohol and a few cotton balls. Start erasing the strains just by dipping the cotton balls in the alcohol. Rub it slowly and smoothly on the sofa. Keep in mind, never soak the leather as it will make it rough. Perform this activity for 5 to 10 minutes, and you will see good results.

  • Treating beverage strains

Whenever you split coffee or any cold drink on your leather, never let it get dry. Clean it with a clean piece of cloth by using a leather cleaning solution. After cleaning the surface, don’t forget to give a final cleaning turn by using a dry scrap.

  1. Cleaning Detritus from the Leather Sofa

how to clean detritus from leather sofa - how to clean leather sofa at home

Sometimes, we use to enjoy movies while sitting on the sofa. It is very clear that a film is incomplete without chips and popcorns. Mostly, a small piece of crisps fells on the couch that later gets stuck on it. Well, there is a specific technique to eliminate these small rubbish pieces from the leather seats. Not only the debris has to be removed from the seats, but cleaning the dust is also an important part.

  • Eliminating large size rubbish pieces

If you want to remove large rubbish pieces from the leather seats, then always use a handy vacuum cleaner. Basically, it is the best equipment for performing this task. Just because of this marvelous tool you can clean your sofa very easily or comfortably.

  • Cleaning the dust from the leather

When it comes to the turn of cleaning the dust from the leather sofa, always keep in mind that you are not using a wet cloth for cleaning it. Water can make your leather seats to lose quality. We would highly recommend you to use microfiber duster. Yes, it is the finest tool for removing the dust or the small trash pieces from the sofa. Perform this technique smoothly because the debris can also make your sofa get scratches on it.

  1. Cleaning the Leather Sofa by Homemade Solution

clean leather sofa by handmade solution - how to clean leather sofa at home

If you are lack of equipment, then the method that we are going to tell you now is the best option for you. It is also one of the most straightforward methods and can be done in a very small period of time. All you need a perfect water solution for this technique. Now the question that arises is how to prepare that solution at home. No need to worry because we will also explain to you the procedure by which you can prepare it very comfortably at your home.

  • Preparing the leather cleaning solution

For preparing the solution, first of all, you need distilled water and white vinegar. You can find the distilled water that comes out from the air conditioners. Never use tap water because it contains some harmful chemicals that can ruin your leather sofa. Take a plastic bowl and add 1 to 3 cups of distilled water in it. Add the same amount of white vinegar in it and mix them gently. Your sofa cleaning solution is ready!

  • How to apply the solution

Now its time to apply the solution on the seats. Now take a clean rag or piece of cloth and dip it in the solution. After soaking, make a rag quite dry because excess water can damage your leather sofa. Rub the fabric that you dipped in the solution slowly on the seats and make your sofa looks like a new one. For the proper maintenance of the leather couch, perform this activity every second day.

  1. Conditioning your Sofa

Till now you have read how to treat with the tough strains, how to remove trash from your leather seats and also we have taught you to fight with the ink or ketchup drops. We really hope that you have found these instructions useful. Now it is time to share a beneficial technique with you. Basically, this method will help you out with conditioning your couch. Once again, no need to purchase any cleaning equipment that you cannot afford.

  • A useful conditioning mixture

Here we come again with the best solution that you can prepare at your living place. If you are a lazy person, then you can also purchase the leather cleaning solution from the market. For making that cleaning solution, you need a tea tree oil and white vinegar. You definitely would be thinking that why we are using white vinegar in the solution. Actually, vinegar is of an acidic nature that is a perfect thing for removing the strains.

  • Preparing and applying the mixture

Now add 10 to 20 drops of tea tree oil in 2 to 3 cups of the vinegar. Mix them thoroughly, until they both become a perfect mixture. Now take a bland or soft small piece of cloth and dip in the mixture. Perform the same procedure as you did before. Prepare a sufficient amount of the solution at once so that you won’t need to waste time every day for its preparation. That will surely keep your leather sofa maintain.


Keeping your leather sofa maintain is now just a piece of a cake because in this article we have mentioned some of the stunning techniques that will really help you out. You can remove the detritus from the seats of your sofa by using the handy vacuum cleaner. A microfiber dust cleaner can also be used for eliminating the small rubbish pieces that are stuck on the sofa. Perform the activity carefully because a small mistake can put a scratch on your leather seats. They are very easy to use.

 A simple solution can also be used for cleaning the strains from the leather couch. You can prepare it very efficiently at your home. Just dip a rag in it and start cleaning your lavish leather seats. Don’t forget to clean the area with a dry piece of cloth in the end.

Just follow the above instructions on how to clean leather sofa at home carefully. It will really help you out to maintain your couch. Maintaining a sofa set is better than purchasing a new one twice a year. Stop following these foolish things and take good care of your set.

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