How to Repair Leather Sofa – Step by Step Guide

how to Repair Leather Sofa at Home

How to Repair Leather Sofa

Are you one of those who feel “Old Is Gold”? Are you exhausted of watching your old favorite leather sofa being torn apart day by day? Do you feel attached to your sofa and can not just throw it away? Do you want to still sit on it watching TV or reading a book?

Then no need to worry. Leather is a sturdy and long-lasting material, but after ample usage, it can get damaged. The best thing about leather is that it can be reconditioned easily without much effort and spending a lot of money.

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How to repair a leather sofa is a query that every person wants to find a solution to. Due to severe dust in the air, malfunctioning, and overuse, leather sofas face wear and tear and scratches. In this article, we shall highlight how to repair leather sofa and the ways that can be applied to fix it. Easy guide on how to repair leather sofa at home. Despite being a durable material, leather still get scratches and tears of every sort. But the good news is you don’t have to throw your expensive leather sofas into the trash because in this article I am going to tell you about how to repair leather sofas easily by yourself at home.

Reasons why you want to learn how to repair leather sofa?

There could be many reasons why you are here and learning how to repair leather sofa at home. One of them is a low budget. Moreover, no one wants to throw their leather sofas just because they don’t know how to repair leather sofa at home effectively and efficiently.

Why damage occurs?

Indubitably, leather is a highly resistant material; nevertheless, after some time, it can show signs of wear and tear. Additionally, pets and children with toys can also cause cuts and scratches.

Can everyone learn how to repair a leather sofa solely at home?

Fortunately, it is easy to repair leather sofas and convert them into new ones without having to spend a lot of money on getting your sofa reupholstered or getting a new one. For this, you need to have some supplies and learn the ultimate guide of how to repair a leather sofa at home cost-effectively and efficiently.

Types of leather wear and tear

Leather sofas can get small scratches to big tears. Minor scratches come from pets and toys, whereas; significant cuts can be due to sharp tools and dogs or cats paws. Fortunately, now we can easily learn how to repair leather sofa by putting a little effort and time.

  1. How to Repair Leather Sofa Using the Leather Coloring Balm

The Leather Coloring Balm is applied directly to the sofa. The procedure to apply it is that you wipe it on the leather. Make sure that the leather is fully absorbent as it should be able to soak up the balm. The Leather Recoloring Balm is also used if the leather coating is cracked and reveals a lighter color beneath.

Advantages of Leather Recoloring Balm

Following are the benefits of Leather Recoloring Balm:

  1. This technique is budget-friendly
  2. The procedure is easy to use
  3. Has long-lasting results
  4. Perfect for faded and scratched leather sofa
  5. Provides a variety of colors
  6. It can be used on all types of leathers for multiple purposes, such as car seats, bags, jackets, etc.
  7. Hides cracks through its efficient color power


  1. How to Restore Leather Sofa using other Products

In case the leather sofa is not absorbent, the Leather Coloring Balm should not be practiced. Also, in case of severe cracks that cannot easily be hidden with the balm, or if you want to restore the leather sofa to remove all cracks and scratches, then we have a solution for you.

Steps to Clean Leather Sofa

Read the instructions given below to understand extensively how to repair a leather sofa.

  1. Prepare the leather sofa for color application. This is done to remove oil and wax already present in the leather. It is imperative to remove them. Clean the leather with the Leather Ultra Clean in case it is dirty.
  2. It is recommended if the sofa’s back and sides are cleaned first. These areas of the couch are not used. Hence, there is no need to put extra effort into cleaning them. It is not appropriate to use a reliable cleaner for the back and sides as it can cause more damage instead of repairing it. It is enough if these parts of the sofa are cleaned with a cloth, As there is not much stress in these areas.
  3. The seating area (cushions) is the central part that is used the most. Hence, it is the most affected area. Begin with wiping this area with a Leather Prep. Avoid using the Abrasive Pad as it could increase the number of cracks.
  4. The leather finish will be removed once you see the color is transformed into the cloth. Consequently, the real leather color will be visible. Use the Alcohol Cleaner to remove any left silicons and wait for half an hour for it to dry.

Use of Leather Binder to Repair Leather Sofa

  1. The process of repairing a leather sofa continues by using a leather binder. Apply the leather binder with a sponge and wait till it gets absorbed. Apply 3-5 coats to the entire leather.
  2. Apply Flexifil with a pallet knife or spatula in case the leather is heavily cracked.
  3. To remove creases and gaps, apply the Leather Colourant onto the leather with a sponge.
  4. After waiting for half an hour for the colorant to dry, spray the leather. Spray adequately from a distance.
  5. Lastly, spray the Leather Finish. Apply it the way you applied the colorant; in thin layers. It enhances the leather’s texture, gives it a delicate touch, and leaves a shine to the sofa.


  1. Method of how to repair leather sofa small scratches

To Repair a leather sofa with small scratches and minor tears, you need to buy some stuff that is readily available in the market.


For this, you would need a leather cleaner, leather conditioner, and a soft cloth or lint-free cloth


First, clean it with a suitable leather cleaner and use a soft cloth for this purpose. After drying out, rub the sofa with a leather conditioner which you could easily find in the market and voila! You have learned the art of how to repair leather sofa small and minor scratches.

  1. How to repair leather sofa big tears and cuts

To repair leather sofa significant cuts and tears, first, you have to glue two parts together. Then let it dry. After that, scrape the residue glue. Give it a rest for one day.

What to do the next day?

After the glue has been thoroughly dried, now the next step of how to repair leather sofa significant cuts is applying leather cleaner. Clean the couch with it and rub it with a soft cloth.

What to do after cleaning?

Next step of how to repair a leather sofa big tears is leather conditioning. Apply the leather conditioner and rub it with a lint-free cloth. Leave it for drying. You will see that your leather sofa is now as new as it was bought new.


So finally, you have learned the art of how to repair a leather sofa at home effectively and efficiently.

Final thoughts on how to repair leather sofa at home cost-effectively

I hope you find this article helpful in learning the art of how to repair a leather sofa. Most people throw their sofas just because they don’t know how to fix the leather sofa at home quickly. This guide will save a lot of money. To conclude, these are the steps, products, and ways that shall help you repair the leather sofa.

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