Sectional Sofa Buying Guide 2020 – Sofa Guide

Sectional Sofa Buying Guide

Sectional sofa buying guide 2020

When it comes to furniture, then buying a perfect sofa that really meets your expectations is not a piece of cake. Some people have a lack of experience due to which it becomes much more arduous for them to choose a good sofa set. No doubt, sectional sofas are worthy as compared to the ordinary ones. While visiting the market, you will find a wide range of sectional couches that will put you in trouble. Buying a sofa is ok, but buying the exact sofa is quite challenging.

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If buying furniture is a hectic task for you, then don’t worry. Because in this sectional sofa buying guideyou will get to know some of the great tips that will help you out while purchasing a sectional sofa. A sectional sofa is the best option for your living areas. If you have a large family or you love to host a crowd, then believe us that you really need this item. Now just sit at a convenient place and read this informative article till the end because you are going to get some of the valuable tips free of cost from here.

You might have visited various websites, and every time you get disappointed, but after reaching our site, your search is over. Today we are going to guide you ultimately so that you would get satisfied and should choose a tremendous sofa set for your home. Eagerly waiting for the tips? Don’t worry because we will not waste your time. Here is an amazing sectional sofa buying guide that will make you confident enough for the next purchase.

Best Tips to Buy Sectional Sofa

Best size for your room

Whenever you buy clothes, you always check for the size whether it fits you or not. Similarly, checking the sofa’s size is an important element that most of the people ignore while purchasing it. The size of the sofa that you have to choose totally depends on the length of your living room. Basically, the sectional sofa comes in three different sizes that are as following:

  • Small size

If you are having a small size living room, then a 2-piece sectional sofa is the best choice for you. They usually come in an L-shape design that really matches your living areas. They can be also used in large rooms to fill the empty areas. The small size sectionals include combinations of two sofas and chaise or a loveseat and chaise.

  • Medium size

If you are having a family of 5 to 6 people, then the medium size of the sectional sofa is the right option for you. These 3-piece sectionals usually come in u-shape. It can also be used in larger rooms. Simply, it is a great idea for living rooms. The configuration includes a loveseat, sofa and chaise lounge.

  • Large size

It is very clear from its name that this size is used for the large living areas. 4 piece, 5 piece, and 6 piece sectional sofas come under this category. Large size sectionals are a good choice for large families or party areas. If you are having a huge size living room, then you surely need this size of the sectional sofa. Simply, it is good furniture to serve the guests.

Which design has to be chosen?

Sectional sofas come in various patterns, and each pattern has its own grace. One of the main factors that differentiate between ordinary and sectional sofa is the design. It really becomes confusing for a newbie for selecting a design of the sofa. If you are also an inexperienced person, just calm down because here we have explained some of the most common sectional patterns that you can choose according to your room style.

  • U-shape

If your living room is empty, then this sofa design is the best way to fill up your room. You can also get as much seating as you want just by switching to this design. Simply, it is a perfect way to serve a huge crowd.

  • Chaise

It is basically a sectional that comes with an extended ottoman attached to one of its sides. It is the best choice for small rooms and can also be part of a large size sectionals. It is a perfect sofa to relax.

  • L-shape

L-Shape is the most common design and a choice of millions of people. It is very clear from its name that it has a shape like an alphabet L. If you are searching for a sofa to place in the corner of your living room, then L-shape sectional is the best choice for you. It fits in both large and small rooms depending on the dimensions.

  • Curved

This design transforms your simple living room into the lavish one. By this design, your room will look filled and also beautiful. Always keep in mind, if your room is of small size, then never go for this design because it suits large living rooms. It won’t get fit in the small size living areas.

  • Modular

Some of the sectionals come in the multiple pieces that should be arranged in the specific configuration. Modular can be connected together to build as many as five pieces. It suits both large and small size rooms.

  • Sleeper

Sleeper comes in multiple functions. It is not only used for sitting but is also the best choice to get a good sleep. Most of the sleeper sofas are functioned with chaise-style sectionals. If you have a small space in your room to get filled, then sleeper is the right choice for you.

Which Upholstery will suits you?

Choosing a sectional sofa just by looking at the design is not enough, you also have to study the material of the item. As we always check for the material of the garment before purchasing it, similarly, checking the material of a sofa set is also compulsory. It is not as easy as it looks, but don’t worry because you are also going to become pro checker just by going through this part of the article.

  • Leather blend and faux leather

The sofas that come in these materials are not much expensive. It is one of the best materials that we can choose. They are also considered man-made material and are also environmentally friendly. Just you need to maintain them, and they are going to make your room the luxurious one.

  • Fabric

This material is the most popular material that is used in most of the sectionals. The sofas made with this material are pocket-friendly and also have a stylish look. They are not only good at looking but also have a soft and silky nature. If you cannot afford expensive sofas, then switch to fabric sofas.

  • Genuine leather and linen

If you are a rich person or can afford high-standard sectional, then this material type is just for you. Sofas made with leather and linen are the most expensive ones, but they have a separate demand base. You will find these sectionals in the luxurious hotels or in the mansions. You can also keep them in your home, but always keep them maintained so that they last longs.

How to measure the dimensions?

Till now we have taught you how to choose the size of the sofa and which material you should go for. Now its time to discuss one of the most important factors while purchasing the sectionals online. While visiting the shops, you can easily judge the size of the sofa just by looking at it, but purchasing it online is not as simple as it looks.

The majority of the people make a mistake regarding the dimensions while ordering them, and in the result, some of them receive large sofas, and some receive small sofas. So reading this part of the article is much important for you.

  • Measuring the height of the sectional

Measuring the height of the sectional sofa is not a challenging task. All you need is a measuring tape. If you have seen the height of the sofa mentioned in the dimensions is 40 inches, it simply means 40 inches from the bottom of the sofa to the top of the back. So just by measuring the wall according to the dimensions you can judge the height of the sofa.

  • Measuring the width of the sectional

Width is really important to be measured because if it is measured un-accurately, then you are going to receive the wrong size of the sofa that will not fit your living room. If the width is mentioned 155 inches, it means the sofa is 115 inches wide when measured from right arm to the left arm, including all of the sectional pieces between them.

  • Measuring the depth of the sectional

Okay, measurement of the depth is also quite tricky, but not a difficult one. You would have read depth in your school days, and we are really sure that you have forgotten the method to measure it. No problem, because today we are here to help you out. For example, if the depth of the sectional is written 80 inches in the dimensions, it simply means 80 inches from the top facing edge to the back of the sectional. Just use measuring tape and measure from the top facing edge to the backside.


Most of the people avoid purchasing online sectionals because they had a bad experience in the past just because of ordering the wrong item. Some people would be thinking to buy the sofa set online, but they don’t know how to check the dimensions, material, and design. In this sectional sofa buying guide article, we have explained each and everything that you really need to know before ordering the sectional.

Choosing a material is the most difficult job, but now you can select it easily because we have explained to them in detail. It is very easy to measure the height, width, and depth of the sofa, and now you can also do it. The sectional comes in various designs just like U-shape, L-shape, and curved. You can choose any of the design depending on the size and style of your living room.

Finding a huge variety of designs and colors in the market is a time-consuming task. Just sit at a comfortable spot and start looking at the elegant designs that are available in the online shopping stores. After selecting the item, order it only in 5 minutes, and your sectional will be delivered at your door-step in just a few days.

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  1. It’s interesting that a leather blend sofa is not too expensive while also making the room more luxurious. My wife and I are shopping for a nice sofa since we moved into a new home and don’t currently have one in our living room. I’ll probably find a nice leather blend couch that is some sort of sectional.

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