What Shape Coffee Table with Sectional Sofa – Complete Guide

what shape coffee table for sectional sofa

What Shape Coffee Table with Sectional Sofa – Types of Coffee Tables

I just received an email from my follower asking for what shape of coffee table is suitable for Sectional Sofa. This made me compose an article for my audience to let them know what are the types of coffee tables and what shape coffee table with sectional sofa.

So to solve his problem and probably yours too I would just quickly get to the main content of this issue.


You people might know that the coffee table is the kind of table specially manufactured for sectional sofa’s. It is indispensable to pair the sectional with the right coffee table to create a delicate look.

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Tips to Pair Coffee Tables for Sectional Sofas

Here are some suggestions for pairing the sectional with a coffee table.

  • Firstly, Be careful of the size of your sectional while selecting a coffee table. Size matters a lot, that is to say, if you pair a large table with the small sectional, it will look awkward.
  • Secondly, Try to create symmetry, Choose a square or rectangular table for the sofa who’s both ends are equal.
  • Thirdly, The height and weight of your coffee table are essential points to consider. So before buying, do some measurements.
  • Lastly, If no coffee table matches your sofa shape, you can pair it with ottoman. Ottomans are the best choice because of their functionalities.

Hi, Wait!

Don’t you know what the Ottomans are? and what’s the difference between a coffee table and ottoman?

Ottoman Or Coffee Table for Sectional

Ottomans are like coffee tables having a plus point of hidden storage space. That the typical coffee tables don’t have.

It’s tough to give its answer in straight yes or no. It all depends on how you style your space. If both are designed well, both make an exceptional choice.

How to pick Coffee Table for Sectional

Choosing the shape of your coffee table is hard while considering sectional in mind. Here are the parameters that you have to consider before purchasing a table. coffee tables are lovely to pair with sectionals you just have to consider how your place will look more reliable. What type of furniture setting suites your home theme and your living style. You can quickly get ideas from the examples that I am going to show you. So without wasting further time, let’s get jump onto the main content.

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1- Room Size

The most notable point that you need to consider is room size. If the size of your room is large, then you can furnish the sofa and table of your choice, but if you have quite less space, then you should always go to the smaller size sectionals to make your room look elegant.

2- Sectional Sofa Size

Sectional size also matters a lot when it comes to the coffee table. If you have a large sectional, then try to go for a small coffee table but not too small it will create a weird look, but if you have enough space, you can.

3- Sectional Sofa Shape

The shape of your sectional is the crucial thing that needs to be considered while buying a coffee table..if you put a small round table with U shape, it will not look classy. As the U shape has side seats as well so the coffee table with edges will go best for it.

4- Corners

Most people have smaller living rooms with corners. You can take advantage of and put a small coffee table at corners. Small tall coffee tables are the most suitable ideal choice for such types of living rooms.

5- Rug Size

Small rectangle rugs work best with square or rectangle coffee table.if you have a conventional coffee table and sectional try to add a little textured rug it will create a chic appearance.

6- Rest of the furniture

Take a look at the entire room and use the color scheme of your sectional and table accordingly. Don’t create an overcrowded look by placing so much furniture. Analyze your room if it already has a lot of symmetric furniture. Try to put some irregular to break the symmetry. I agree that balance is best, but sometimes, no order goes best.

Types of coffee tables

Before moving to what shape coffee table with sectional sofa lets review the types of coffee tables first. There are several designs of coffee tables that are popular nowadays, but a few of them are given here. Most of the designs are available in round rectangle and square shape.

1- Shaker Coffee Tables

Shaker Study Table - What Shape Coffee Table with Sectional Sofa

Shaker tables are made up of wood, have simple straight legs and wood knob. Dovetail drawers that can be utilized to put extra stuff, so the table doesn’t look messy at all.

2- Cottage Coffee Tables

Cottage Study Table - What Shape Coffee Table with Sectional Sofa

Cottage coffee table has detail work and turned legs, that’s the real beauty of the cottage style. Cottage table is like a traditional but modern style table with detailed work. Country and cottage styles have feminine lines and detailing.

3- Industrial Coffee Table

Industrial Coffee Table - What Shape Coffee Table with Sectional Sofa

Industrial coffee tables are referred to as tables that have a more purposeful look. Industrial tables structure is more rough-hewn and sturdy. They look great with soften sectional sofa. Wood furniture has an uncomplicated finish to show off its natural beauty.

4- Mid Century Coffee Table

Mid-Century Coffee Table for Sectional Sofa

Mid-century tables have more clean lines and molded bendable structure. They usually fit best with modern and mid-century living style.

5- Parsons Coffee Table

Persons Coffee Table

The person coffee tables are unique wooden tables that owns a flat top and four legs that are uniformly thick. They can stand perfect in soften surrounding or can pair with traditional living rooms.

6- Modern Coffee Table

Modern Coffee Table

Modern coffee tables are from the past 19th century. They are often made up of glass top that makes it appealing and unique. They are primarily in rectangle and square shape.

7- Contemporary Coffee Table

Contemporary Coffee Table

Contemporary and modern have little resemblance in both, and both are popular these days. Nowadays, contemporary is one of the most widely used coffee table styles. The glass top and metal base is the main key hallmark of these contemporary tables.

What Shape Coffee Table with Sectional Sofa

  1. Coffee tables for U-shaped sectional sofas

Square and rectangle coffee tables work great with the U shaped sectional. U shaped sectionals are large in space so you can’t place a circle table because it will not create symmetric balance. As the U shape sectional has edges so the coffee table with edges will go best with it. U shaped sectionals are usually designed with 5-8 seating. Place a coffee table a little smaller than the middle area of the sectional this will form a classic living room appearance.

  1. Coffee tables for L-shaped sectional sofas

While considering L shape sofa in mind, I would suggest a circle or rectangle table. But make sure one thing while placing your table, that you have left ample room space for navigating here and there. The best thing about the L shape sofa is, they create an open look. They don’t feel so congested.

  1. Coffee tables for I-shaped sectional sofas

Ottoman is the best ideal solution when it comes to I-Shape sectionals. They are relatively suitable for the above three types. If you couldn’t match any coffee table, you can pair it with ottoman.

  1. Coffee tables for recliner sectional sofas

Wooden square coffee tables serve best with a recliner sofa. As recliners have a more profound and polished look. So it could be argued that persons coffee table is the best choice for it


Sectional sofa and coffee tables both are the main furniture of our home so its very significant to couple them in a great way. That makes the living room more comfortable and stylish. You can seize the idea of pairing sectional with coffee table from the above examples. But if you are still undecided, Follow these simple rule

1- U shape works best with square

2- Circle Tables are suitable for L shape

3- Rectangle can be coupled with both U shape and L shape

4- If none of the above suits, go for ottoman.

I hope that after reading this article, you are much clear now about types of coffee tables and what shape coffee table with sectional sofa.

While buying your table, keep the above tips in mind and buy what you love. Make sure to add your personal taste to it.

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